Vietnamese, French and Italian CUISINE

The Name of the restaurant come from the nick name of the first owner of this place.
Thanh Thanh Cafe opened in 1997 with local street coffee place.

during those years Thanh Thanh Cafe became a restaurant with various specialities.

Come to enjoy our menu with various test from the Vietnamese cuisine, the French cuisine and Italian cuisine.


The restaurant is open every day for Break-Fast, Lunch and Dinner.

You can choose from our menu and also order in Advance for special dishes.

Thanh Thanh Cafe will also organize special even and manage with you a set menu to please your guest.


We have a large choice of Pizza made in our wooden Hoven


Thanh Thanh cafe is a Restaurant Vegetarian friendly.  

You will definitely like our tropical fruit Juice and Smoothy.

We will you "BON APPETI"

PHONE: 0258-3522-413
or      09-18-236-279

ADDRESS 10 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Nha Trang, Vietnam

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Thanh Thanh Cafe is partner of Angel Dive


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